Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post Adoption

Chris and I were so happy to be able to provide this experience for Addie.
In reality, it wasn't really any different than walking into any store in our hometown and choosing a baby off the shelf.
In fact, I can order these dolls online all day long - AND, Addie already has two of them from birthday's past.

Yet, it was different.

AND, I will do it a thousand times over just to watch her sweet little face full of love and joy.

She was all about sitting in the big chair for pictures and wanted to make sure that baby was sitting just right.

After I got them settled, Addie happily smiled for all the pictures. 

Addie was showing us her baby's bracelet.

Sweet, sweet girl!

Our day was just getting started...


jennohara said...

Love it! She's one of the best mommas I know!!

Lisa said...

I am loving all the sweet pics of Addie with the baby and at the dance studio. Of course, Julian and the rest of the family look good too. :)