Thursday, January 30, 2014

"My Julien"

Addie really missed Julien throughout Christmas.
It hurt my heart to see how much she missed him and how often she asked about him.
Since we had to drive to Huntsville to get Julien, we decided to make a day of it since any car ride with Addie is a challenge - we might as well find some entertainment to offset the car ride trauma.

After surprising Addie with a trip to the nail salon, we set out for the trip North.

Our next surprise was a visit to the movie's to see Frozen.
Even more important was the popcorn and M&M's!
She was a very good girl and once the popcorn supply ran out, she snuggled in my lap until the movie was over.

After the movie, we went for a walk to see the beautiful Christmas tree 

and water fountain.

After stretching our legs a bit, we headed to a local restaurant for dinner.
Addie and I had to visit the restroom and when we walked back to the table, there sat Julien.
It was the perfect end to Addie's day of surprises!
She was absolutely speechless.
She stood just looking at him.
He finally bent over and scooped her up for a huge hug!

She was beyond happy to have her Julien back.

December 29, 2013