Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Addie!

Charlie's Mom gently suggested that I get to the details of my Little Monkey's Birthday
before I tackle Christmas pictures.

I'm here to please.

My sleepy Little Monkey was all about sitting in her birthday chair.
It's always the little things that she loves the most, and she definitely loved this kitty decoration!

In fact, she made a point of climbing onto the kitty chair throughout the day in order to look at her new outfit
to see how many times she could send me into a complete panic.

She turned picture taking into a game.
She was giggling and refused to look at the camera

but then would look at the camera, but refused to smile.
She is a total mess.

I lost count of how many times she managed to climb onto the chair.
From looking at her cupcake shirt, to watching my look of panic, to making funny faces in the mirror, she kept me busy - all day long.

We found a cow to complete Addie's wish list from her letter to Santa.

Mrs. Amy came to visit for Addie's Birthday.
Although Addie doesn't see Mrs. Amy very often, she always loves to spend time with her.
Addie loved her new bracelets

gave Amy a big hug and promptly told her "Thank you".

Amy also brought my Little Monkey her very own Monkey scarf.
How incredibly perfect!

The opening of gifts was so much more special this year.
Addie willingly sat in the front of a room full of people and took her time unwrapping her presents.

She looked at each gift and didn't just toss one thing aside and move on to the next.

This was one of our gifts to Addie.

Sure it's cute,
but it's also educational 
 teaching this Little Monkey her age has been a challenge for us each year.
Just about the time she understands her new number, it changes again!

As I handed Addie each present, I made sure to let her know who the gift was from

and this very simple book

made her so very happy!
"Her Julien" was oblivious to his contribution to the gifts, but he knows that Doc McStuffins is a very beloved part of Addie's life right now.

Next up were the gifts from my Mother.
Just like with each gift before and after, as soon as Addie opened her gift, she ran to the giver,

hugged them and told them, "Thank you" without any prompting.

Two new leotards for dance - thanks GaGa!

Addie was having so much fun, it truly was so sweet to watch her!

A new animal book was one gift from my sister and niece and you can tell from the priceless look on Addie's face, just how very much she loved it!

...and if you'll notice, under Addie's new birthday outfit was...a tutu.
She wasn't happy wearing just one outfit, and decided to wear two.
Her precious cupcake shirt and her tutu...and pants...and cuddle duds.
She was one very poofy and cuddly birthday girl!

The very generous gift from my brother and his family was left for last
because we knew once she saw 

her new Adora birthday cupcake baby, the ceremonial opening of the gifts, was over.


December 31, 2013


Jeania said...

What a party! Glad she had a great day!

jennohara said...

This is PERFECT! I can tell she had a wonderful day, and she is so so incredibly sweet! Great job, Jenn! Everything was just perfect!!
Happy Birthday sweet sweet girl!