Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Morning

Addie slept pretty late - close to 9:00 on Christmas Morning!
She was still sleepy while opening gifts and continuously asked, "Where's Julien?".

Another addition was added to the family and she was welcomed with lots of love and joy - just like the other 40 something babies that we have taken in.
~Addie outright refused to even glance at her gifts until she had Baby Lila all settled on my lap~

Monkus was definitely ready to take a look inside the bag.

She seemed pleased with all of her gifts and she was very happy that her baby got a new coat for Christmas.

More educational toys.
Bless her.

The Hippo backpack.
I'm pretty certain that she has transferred the backpack from a dance bag to a hiking bag, because the dancing hippo spent this past Sunday afternoon with us out in the woods of Alabama.

I don't think Rudy had fully recovered from the previous night before he found himself in the middle of yet another mess.

Christmas morning 
December 25, 2013