Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy Birthday Cupcake Cake Day!

The cake that I wanted wasn't available because the store was closed for the holidays, so we took Addie to a local bakery.

Upon entering the store, she was on complete cupcake cake sensory overload.
She stood - silently - looking at all the cakes.

We tried to ask the Little Monkey leading questions in hopes that we could get an idea of what she really wanted.
The only response we got was, "Cake".

We know she loves yellow cake with chocolate icing
I knew I couldn't go wrong with ladybugs.   

We placed the order and reassured Addie that it would only be a few days before we came back to pick up her cake.

When cake day arrived, she was one super excited Baby Girl and stood watch over her cake until it was time for her celebration.

Julien and I decorated her cake with three of the candles from birthdays past.

Julien insists on lighting the candles...not sure how much I should worry about his desire to start fires.

Oh my.
She had a moment of stage fright.

It only took a second to see what awaited her.

Absolutely priceless.

She had a little trouble this year with so many candles

but after several attempts, we finally managed to get them all blown out
and she wasted no time asking for her piece of cake.

Smart.  Smart Girl.

Happy, Happy Birthday to my beautiful Baby Girl!

December 31, 2013