Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Day

...and then there was Christmas Day.

Post Santa, we had to send Julien a "We love you, miss you!" text before scurrying off to the next adventure.
Addie's sweet little face is absolutely precious!
She lights up at the mere mention of Julien's name!

Christmas dinner at my aunt's.

Family, more food and Monkey's.

Just the girl's.

I think Addie was pretty exhausted by this point

and was starting to glaze over.

Then came the annual opening of presents, which means that we once again cram everyone into the room, fight over prime spots on the couch and see how many of us can manage to fit onto one couch.
It was a tight squeeze.

The gifts were perfect, the day was wonderful 

that wrapped up Christmas...for a few more days until Julien made it home.

I'll try to get through Christmas before the end of January.
It's been a busy month!