Thursday, January 09, 2014

bella's inspirations

In typical jennhen fashion, I spent an obnoxious amount of time researching my children's gifts for Christmas.

I don't want to buy gifts just so they can have more to open, I buy gifts that I think they will love and enjoy.
I don't think it's about the quantity, but the quality.

This year, Julien's gifts were way more difficult than Addie's, but Addie's gifts still required way more thought than probably is really healthy.

One afternoon, I was helping Addie dress and undress a small village of dolls when she asked me, "Diaper"?
Being the horrible Mother that I am, I realized that I did not have a drawer full of doll diapers readily available for the 30+ dolls that live in my home.

That is when the search began.

In case you didn't know it, disposable doll diapers are ridiculously expensive.

So, I turned to my trusted Etsy for help.
I searched, and searched, and searched.
and searched.
I needed to find just the perfect diapers for Addie's babies.

I kid you not, weeks of late night Etsy viewing took place and that's when I happened upon bella's inspirations.

When I saw the diapers, I knew my search was over.

I ordered four five diapers with matching wipes (a bib arrived as well...)


a sleeping bag with matching pillow.

Two business days later, the package arrived at my house.
When I opened the box, Chris was standing next to me (maybe in hopes of a prize for him....???) and he was extremely impressed with the quality and workmanship of the diapers and sleeping bag.

For dolls.

We were so impressed, that I ordered eight more diapers with matching wipes.
Everything from polka dots, to doggies, to kitties, to ballerina kitties adorned the diapers.

I loved the diapers so much that I decided to let Addie give some as gifts
then Santa confiscated the rest.

...and on Christmas morning, my sweet Baby Girl was so surprised to receive the new diapers for her babies.

Her babies have been changed countless times.
The diapers have been washed and the Velcro strips put to the ultimate baby changing test
and they look just the same as the day I received them.

As an added bonus, Nancy from bella's inspirations is a remarkably kind woman who puts her heart into making these diapers.
I love nothing more than to find an amazing item, that has been handmade with love.
It makes it that much more special.

If you are shopping for baby doll diapers, baby doll wipes or baby doll sleeping bags, please contact Nancy at bella's inspirations.  

You will not be disappointed.