Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Eve with the Little Monkey

I love Christmas Eve.
I love that my family can get together and sit around and talk and relax and enjoy the evening. 

Our favorite movie was playing, and the night was almost perfect.

My brother and new sister in law, bought this ornament for Addie - perfect and so thoughtful!

Speaking of thoughtful, my brother and his wife were so nice and were very willing to pick from the "wish list" that I create for the Monkey every year.

It can be kind of tough knowing what to get for her, and honestly, I try to make it easy for everybody.
I try to get a mix of educational and fun toys
make sure that the gifts will be appreciated and used.

This educational game is one of Monkey's favorite gifts.
She tries - so hard - to match and sort the pieces.
I have had to modify the game a bit, but she absolutely loves it!

Tucker was still hanging in, although he truly looks like he is pleading for help or trying to tap out.

Monkus was so happy and she was such a sweet girl all evening long.

When it came time to open presents from my Mom, Monkey was all smiles... 

although she wasn't 100% sure what to think about the little monkey she had just unwrapped.

The next gift - without a doubt - was a hit.

Addie adores Baby Lila.
When the baby gets upset, Addie goes into full Mommy mode and pats Lila and rocks her until she stops crying.

Gift number three, was also an enormous hit and loved by everyone at the party.

The cutest, most adorable and softest sleeping bag/napper - ever.

I will have to talk more about this sleeping bag later - it was yet another "find" that I spent way too much time researching.

December 24, 2013