Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of my book will focus solely on the benefits of a good nights sleep, expert recommendations on how to achieve a good nights rest, references to world wide best sellers properly documented in APA style and then the many, many ways I have a blatant disregard for anyone who has ever made a living trying to tell me how to get my child with a wide variety of special needs to sleep through the night.  
I'll follow that by 101 Ways to Make Child Psychologists and Pediatricians Cringe, and possibly finish up the chapter talking about the health benefits of sleeping on the outermost edge of a king sized bed, keeping warm on cold winter nights by utilizing live fur coats and finish by comparing the ergonomics between memory foam pillows and the cushioned 240-/+ bones of a feline pillow.

After Addie was born, we started putting the cats to bed downstairs in our finished basement.
They had four large rooms to play and sleep and when morning came, they would come upstairs until it was our bedtime the next night.
That's the way our routine stayed for the next almost seven years.

Not long ago, we started noticing that Alley and Thomas had started slowing down going up and down the stairs and I really started noticing that Alley was starting to show her age.
It's sad.
We then decided that the trip up and down the stairs was too much on them, and decided to try to let the kitties "roam free" at night.

It has worked out fine so far, but it took Rudy a few nights to adjust.
Things have been going very well - Rudy got a new fur covered dog bed for Christmas and that is where we tend to find him, until this morning.

This - was a first.

They were sound asleep, until I woke them while trying to take a picture. 

Addie had absolutely no idea that she was laying on Rudy and there is no telling how long he had been there. 

What a way to start her morning and that beautiful smile on her face was a great way to start my morning.

Now, we just have to have a long talk with Rudy.


jennohara said...

That. Is. Adorable.

Granna said...

I will tell you it is hard to believe you guys have loved that poor, sickly looking cat into the animal it is today. He is beautiful and looks so much like my "childhood" cat. He has found his spot and I don't think you need to move him!

Laura said...

I love this picture! It made me smile :)