Sunday, September 29, 2013


One week later and we are 50% back to normal, meaning Monkus is feeling so much better, while I am still battling this stupid ear infection.

However, the weekend was too beautiful to let it pass us by, so we spent every single minute of available time - outdoors.

It was fantastic and beautiful and I absolutely adore this time of year!
It was great to see Addie enjoying herself and not get cranky because of the heat.
She was so silly and had the best time.
The path was covered in gravel and when we started walking down the little hills, she lost her balance several times and instead of getting upset, she kept saying, "Whoa!" and would giggle.
Simply holding my hand was enough to get her back on track - which is definite improvement.

On our way to the exit, Monkus spotted the ever famous elephant and tiger.
She never said a word, she just walked away from me, went and stood next to the elephant and started smiling.
After I took the picture, she walked back over to me and we continued on our way.
It was a rather odd, but funny moment.

Happy almost Fall to you all!


Jeania said...

Love the pics!! Happy almost fall to you guys:-)