Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Denial is a gem of a place to live.
 This round of denial began on the way to Addie's doctor.
Things were rather foggy; that tends to happen with lack of sleep or so I convinced myself.

 Monday was fantastic and it got better when I had to take Monkey with me to my doctors appointment.
 Addie cried when I was called to the back and she cried when the nurse swabbed my throat and she cried when the doctor came into the room.
However, she didn't cry while watching me get two shots!
Everyone was super sweet to Monkey and she even got stickers because of my boo boos.

 Although I am now recovering from the strep that Fungus Monkus gave me; it's the massive ear infection that has me in excruciating pain.

 ---Then, tonight while enjoying a relatively quiet dinner at home with my precious, precious children; my oldest child asked me why we couldn't have a full time housekeeper.

I'm in need of more than just pain meds and antibiotics.