Sunday, September 15, 2013

Football 2013 - Game One

Game One - Win One

This is Julien's first year playing high school football.
This school is big enough to have their own freshman team, which is great because that means the boys actually get to play instead of sitting on the sidelines watching the upperclassmen play.
This is also the only year Julien will play for this team, assuming our new high school's ECD stays on track.

This year, I'm searching the field for my number 79 and it is not quite as easy as last year, considering he is no longer taller than most of his teammates. 

Once again, we were faced with trying to figure out what random thing brings Addie to tears.
Not long after arriving for the game, Addie started crying, and there was nothing to stop the tears.
I had packed her a bag full of time occupiers, and included her favorite chicken wrap, snacks and bottled water.
It was so bad that Julien even heard her crying.
Nothing worked...until I was right in the middle of wiping her face and she looked up and saw a man with a bag of popcorn.
With tears streaming down her face, she asked for popcorn
and in an effort to make the tears stop, 
I sent Addie and her Daddy in search of popcorn.

On this particular night, popcorn made everything all better.

...and peace fell upon the field for the last two quarters of the game...

bringing us win one of the season.

September 3, 2013