Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Perfect Timing

In case you haven't noticed over the years, my family always has the perfect timing
when it rains, you better bet, it's going to pour!

My very favorite youngest, older brother is having surgery tomorrow - again.

He has to be on crutches for six weeks, which means that he will hopefully get the all clear to put weight on his leg...two full days before his wedding.

We just have to hope that there are no setbacks and everything falls perfectly into place for him.

This is the update he posted on FB last week.
Please send well wishes his way!

Howie wrote: "8 more days until I have another knee surgery. This will make my 7th. This is a Autologous chondrocyte implantation of the knee (my last surgery they removed cartilage and have been growing it in a lab. The surgery on the 19th they will take that cartilage and fill in the large holes of missing cartilage.) that should give me a few more years of not having to have my knee replaced. My doctor is very good (Dr Lyle Cain) and is trying to hold off as long as possible due to my age before doing the knee replacement. I am 42 now and he doesn't like to do it on anyone under 50 unless he absolutely has to since he says they are only lasting 10-15 years at the moment. I have been told this will be very painful because I think the kneecap will be temporarily moved off to the side and the incision is right over the knee cap. Most of my missing cartilage is behind the knee and is not easy to get to. I will be staying at least one night in the hospital if not more. Wish me luck :) Detra or one of my sisters will post once I am out of recovery."

.....and it all started with a game of football...... 


WicketsMom said...

Good luck to your brother. My friend's daughter (age 25) is on her 5th of seven surgeries on her knee. Dr. Cain did the 'harvesting' one last week on hers, and she has two more to go. Her original injury was in a high school volleyball game.