Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday with Family

We had a very busy day planned 
and this little angel was not feeling well at all.

I tortured my husband and made him take multiple pictures with me.

The Little Monkey was looking paler by the minute.

When we arrived at lunch, Addie was really not feeling well, and was fussing and refused to move one inch until Julien came to hold her hand.
He was still getting out of the car
 absolutely refused to have his picture taken.

My hair had already fallen and my husband was getting grouchy - it was past his lunchtime.

Being surrounded by family made Addie feel a little better

and her brave Uncle Howard was a saint and held her baby - just to make Addie happy.

He put on his tie, which meant I made him take another picture.
Lunch was over, so he had nothing left to complain about.

Motrin hadn't kicked in yet and this little monster monkey was getting worse and worse!
She got out of the car with a cup of water, her baby and two eye shadow cases.
She was a walking mess.
She went from pale to flushed and we were carefully plotting the routes to the nearest restrooms.

Thankfully, we were able to wrap up the afternoon and get Addie home before any public incidents took place.
Other than Addie not feeling well, we had a great day 
I got some overdue pictures of my loves - minus one.