Thursday, August 06, 2015


Addie's follow-up visit went perfectly!
There were no issues and she lost the monster dressing in lieu of gauze and the headband. 

Addie was very serious about reading through all of her paperwork and had lots to say about it. 

Unfortunately, due to the extreme summer heat, Olaf is no longer with us. 
Addie insisted that Olaf ride with us to her appointment and when we arrived back at the car just 45 minutes later, Olaf was already gone - having exploded in the back of my car. 

I called Chris, hoping he would be able to find a cute balloon in the store at work that would ease the pain of Olaf's demise and when that didn't happen, I resorted to Emergency Plan B. 

There has been enough downtime at our house that we discovered just how overdue Julien was for a haircut - AND, just how thick his hair is!
Lucky boy!

At three days post-op, Addie still needs pain meds and is still very sleepy, but doing great! 

Jaycob came to visit her yesterday, which really brightened her mood!
My niece came to spend the night tonight and to help me with Addie tomorrow. 
I have to keep a close watch on Addie to make sure she doesn't take off her headband, pull on her ear or scratch her stitches.
It's even more challenging when she doesn't understand why I'm constantly telling her "No" and "No touching!". 
Addie is a ninja!
I can't tell you how many times I've had to put her headband back on.

Although her new little ear is bruised and swollen, it looks beautiful!
So, it is all worth it.


School will be starting soon and Addie will be on restrictive activity for a month.  
This means that extra care will have to be taken at school to make sure she isn't bumped or hit - and PE is limited. 
Addie loves PE, so hopefully she will understand that it's only for a little while. 

She's a trooper and will continue to improve and do well!