Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Post-Op Check-Up

Addie's post-op visit went very well!

Both of her new tubes are open 
her "new" little ear looks beautiful!

We are now past the point of having to be super careful with her little ear
she can return to normal "girl" PE - meaning she cannot wear helmets or participate in football, wrestling or lacrosse, but most everything else.
We still have to be aware of the possibility of her ear getting bumped or hit, but we don't have to be on edge every second of the day!

Addie is good to go - for one entire year - before her next visit.

Thank goodness for the Disney Channel while being confined to a little room for an hour.


Aunt Nonna said...

YAY! Good news. Looking forward to spending time with her tomorrow.

Cindy said...

SO glad things are going well for her!