Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Day of School - 2015

Yesterday began the start of 2nd Grade and 11th Grade for my babies.

Addie - as always - was super excited about going to school.
She was happy to pose for pictures and loved showing off her cupcake dress, cupcake ponytail holders, cupcake backpack and cupcake snack bag.
She's easy to please!

So proud of her new backpack!

Addie did great on the way to school and asked a ton of questions!

Funny girl's manicure didn't make it to the first day of school, but I didn't have the heart to take off her sparkly nail polish. 

We had time to spare, so we took advantage of it!

Addie was very anxious when we approached drop off, but she did great.

Standard first day of school pictures...

and this one melts my heart!

We picked up the kids for a "first day of school celebratory dinner" and had a great time listening to the details of Julien and Bailey's day.

With Addie, I don't know the details of her first day, which actually crushes me.
She was exhausted and ready to go back today, so I take that to mean that her day went well.

Both of my babies were happy at the end of day two, so it appears this school year is off to a great start!