Wednesday, February 26, 2014

204 Days Later

The Conversation that I thought would trump our last record-breaking topic, came to end after 204 days.

I think it is only fair that I admit that I went against every logical and practical belief that I have.

I swore that Julien would be provided with a vehicle that would serve its purpose, and remain free from anything remotely appealing to activities that might cause my child to make an unwise decision due to his still immature frontal lobe.

I had in mind what would be allowed and what wouldn't be allowed
and somehow...

my common sense threw me a curve ball.


Anonymous said...

I do believe I'm married to a slightly older version of Julien! My husband's Jeep looks a lot like that...except with 4 doors and some carseats. :)


jennohara said...

WHAT?! I am jealous!!! Tell him we are SO going mudding one day!! :D