Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thank You Snowflake

After the trauma of Snowpocalypse, it is not surprising that when snowflakes fell on Mississippi, the schools in Alabama hit the eject button.

I do not blame them one bit.

Subsequently, that meant that Addie's dance class was also cancelled.
She knows when she takes her dance backpack to school, that when we pick her up, she goes to dance  class.

When Addie suddenly had a change in routine this afternoon, she became a little upset. 
After quick reassurance from her aide, she was fine.

However, she could not understand why we went home and not to dance.

When we arrived home, Addie took her dance backpack into the hallway, and I thought she was heading to the office to hang it up.

Instead, I found her sitting by the front door clutching her leotard and ballet slippers and asking for help.
All her sweet little self kept asking was, "Dance?".

Thank you Alabama weather for crushing my little ballerina's heart tonight.