Tuesday, February 04, 2014


On the heels of all the fun and new experiences that reared their ugly heads we encountered in January, we needed some down time.

Even Thomas looked a little dazed.  

An afternoon of inside playtime was most welcomed.

Addie has a lovely winter cold that brought with it a cough annoying enough to keep even the cats awake at night.
She doesn't sleep, we don't sleep.

I have tried every home remedy, every natural organically grown, farm raised, hand mixed, herb laced, bottled, crushed and liquefied remedy.
 And yes, I even tried tying a beet root to the third intermediate phalange on the left hand of the primate during a quarter moon on the second day of the second month in an even year.
Didn't. Work.

Finally,  I broke down and let commercial advertising reel me in.
After the third brand of cough medicine, we had a night of rest.  

When I say a night, I mean, I slept like ten hours.

Once we get this cough to leave the Little Primate's body, the rest of February will be a breeze.