Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guacamole Nazi

It may appear to be just a huge bowl of guacamole, but in fact, it made for one of the happiest parts of my birthday.
Not just because it was a home made mix of yumminess, but because it was years of hard work paying off right before my eyes.  

Addie loves avocados.
When she is anywhere near a peeled avocado, I suggest backing away 
try not to act like you are going to take any away from her.
When she spotted the bowl on the counter, she went from sweet cupcake girl to Guacamole Nazi.

While that part of it was amusing, it was watching her scooping spoonfuls onto chips that really melted my heart.

This took years of therapy and hard work to accomplish.
I was so proud!

Addie stood there for a good 15 minutes eating bite after bite.
Normally, a plate and a seat at the table would have been required, but this Little Miracle Monkey got a pass.

A HUGE thank you to chef Toni for making this for my birthday.
It is a once a year treat.

January 25, 2014


jennohara said...

A Miracle Monkey she is! And a very hard working one! Good job, Mama! :)