Monday, April 01, 2013

Picking up Chicks

I typically value the opinion of Chris and Julien and try to take into consideration activities that we can all enjoy.
However, on this day, I left them no option and told them that we would spend part of our afternoon picking up chicks.

My Little Monkus had no idea where we were going and when she saw the little chicks, she was absolutely tickled!
She immediately wanted to hold a chick, but each time its little feet would touch her hand, she would pull her hands away.

That did not deter her interest and she adored each little chick I picked up,
even to the point, 
of giving one a kiss - lips to beak.

The little hands holding the chick in the background are those of a sweet little boy who apparently had a natural talent for picking up chicks, because he scooped one right after another up and passed them out to anyone who was willing to hold one.
He was very sweet to Addie!

She gently petted each little chick.

Then came the moment that made my heart jump into my throat!
I was right next to Addie the entire time, but at one point, I turned to look up at Julien to ask him if he wanted a turn at picking up chicks and upon receiving his reply, I turned back to Addie.
No more than 3 or 4 seconds had passed.

Addie was absolutely beaming with pride and joy and in her sweet little hand was a little tiny chick that she held ever so softly...right around the neck!
I don't know how I managed to keep from audibly gasping, but I calmly reached over and extracted the little guy from Addie's hand, certain that she had snapped his neck.
After giving him a brief exam, I put him back onto the table and watched him run for dear life.

Addie was simply glowing!
She was so proud of herself for scooping up a chick without any assistance.

We allowed Addie plenty of time to play with the chicks. 
When it was time to go, she waved bye and blew kisses, as she called out to the chicks, "Bye Babies!".

March 30, 2013