Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"A" is Not for Owl

One of the great benefits of having my sweet girl is that I have yet to encounter the clothing battle.
We are still at the point where Monkus doesn't fuss over the outfit she wears each day
and trust me
I am so thankful for each battle that I don't have to encounter.

I absolutely adore how she knows our morning routine, how she knows to go and sit in her chair as soon as we come downstairs.
She knows that putting on her shoes is the very last thing we do before we walk out the door - and only once (so far) has she had to remind us that we were walking her out the door without her shoes.

These few minutes buy her the chance to watch the rest of us gather things like crazy  

and every once in a while, she finds the humor in the midst of chaos.

I rarely - if ever - miss the opportunity to remind Addie how beautiful she is.
My praise always prompts her to do a self-check and on the mornings when I can actually find matching bows, she thinks she is extra sweet and cute.
My mission is accomplished when I see the smile on her face; there is no better way to start the day.