Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Helpy Helperton

I assigned Monkus the duty of helping me stuff 72 eggs for the hunt.  

This year, Addie was virtually a pro at opening the eggs, but still struggled with getting them closed back.
Addie was able to open the eggs, I would hand her the item to put inside and then once she closed the egg, I would snap it shut for her.

As we moved through the process, I quickly discovered that some of the candy wasn't quite making it into the eggs, but rather into Addie's mouth.

I just couldn't help myself and had to watch as her little fingers managed to unwrap the chocolate.

It took a lot of work on Addie's part and after watching her twice, I had to put an end to Miss Helpy Helperton stuffing the eggs with candy and we had to move on to the other prizes.

Who ever thinks about the work that goes into unwrapping a piece of candy?
I mean really, it is so simple for the vast majority of people.
For Monkus, it has taken years of therapy to get to this point.
We adore her everyday accomplishments and just in case you haven't noticed...Monkus makes us awfully proud!

Concentrating on the business of stuffing eggs - with a mouthful of chocolate.

Even the dinosaurs were cheering Monkus on.


jennohara said...

LOVE it!!
I know how hard it is for little hands to get those darn wrappers off. Hanna still struggles with it, and I usually give in and do it for her.
Addie's got it down though! You go girl! ;)