Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"I'm MAD!"

The Little Monkus just amazes us.

There were a couple times when Julien failed to comply with Addie's demands wishes.
One in particular was when Julien bounded up the climber towards the entrance to the slide, leaving Monkus behind.
I tried redirecting Addie to the stairs, telling her that I would help her to the top and Julien would be there waiting on her, but that made her even more upset.
Instead, she walked away from me to an open area of the playground, sat down and said,
"I'm MAD!".

We were stunned!
Not only were we stunned that Addie put herself in time out, but we were also stunned that she told us she was mad!!!!!
That was most definitely a first.

I looked at Addie and told her that it was ok that she was mad, and she was a very smart girl to take a time out until she calmed down.
I was impressed!

She sat calmly for a few minutes, then got up on her own and started playing again.

Check out the amazing parenting luck I have...

Her self-administered time out occurred one other time.
That time, Addie's baby took the brunt of her emotions.
It was a rather interesting experience.


jennohara said...

AWESOME!!!! What a smart smart girl.
I wish my kids would give themselves a time out. :-S