Sunday, March 17, 2013

Progress, and Pitfalls ....

I started to write this post and then just could not really decide what all I wanted to share.

Addie is making tremendous progress in her speech development and her personality never ceases to amaze me!

However, it has been a really bi-polar kind of day and despite all of Addie's recent progress,one event of today has finally crashed down on me at this late hour...and I will share in a day or two - nothing huge, but in our little world, even the little things can take a toll on us.


Of note, it was not too far in the past that Addie just started learning how to open the refrigerator door.
For all of you with toddlers, can you imagine the joy of not having to deal with that until your child was six years old?
It was kind of nice...!

At one point today, Addie made it known to Chris, Julien and me that she was "Hungry".  Instead of just saying it today, she also rubbed her tummy!
It was pretty awesome to see her trying extra hard to communicate with us - and I took that to mean that she was extra hungry at the moment - we had just left a busy afternoon at the park and I think she worked up quite the appetite!

I am proud of Julien for maintaining his temper yesterday while a cashier - at a grocery store other than our usual - was asking question after question about Addie while she was ringing up our groceries.
It was a moment where I can say that I am truly glad that Julien has the ability to let things go when necessary.
I would like to think that he is learning when a comment is necessary and when it is best to ignore a situation.

It is Spring Break week in our little part of the world.
We are not heading out of town and actually have a busy week ahead of us.
I am looking forward to a commute with less traffic on the road!

An unnecessary brutal tug of the hair.
I'm sure it was payback...for something.

He loves her despite her acting like a Crazed Little Monkey.