Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Last month Thomas had to go to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. 
He did very well and has been the sweetest kitty ever since his return home; we are assuming it is  because he is just so darn happy that we didn't leave him at the vet.

This month, it was Alley's turn to go and have her teeth cleaned.
When Julien, Addie and I went to pick her up, she did not appear overly thrilled with us.
She refused to say anything the entire ride home.

Addie - was on complete sensory overload - due to the number of dogs, of all sizes, going in and out of the office.
The dog that started it all - a Great Dane - Addie referred to as "Horsey".
Just about every dog wanted to say hello to Addie, and with each new dog that came in her direction, her anxiety grew.
By the time we left the vet, Addie needed a nap and I needed a drink with a high alcohol content.
Julien was satisfied with music therapy.

Next time, we will avoid routine kitty maintenance during Spring Break, thus avoiding yet one more drama filled encounter.