Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An "Addie Friendly" Play set!

I was absolutely thrilled that there was a play set that was Addie friendly!
It was small enough where one of us could stay on the ground behind Addie while she was going up the stairs.
That is HUGE in our world!

Although Addie has made amazing progress with stairs, it is still a work in progress.
I just love to see how amazing she is and the progress she has made!

Although Julien offered to babysit while Addie went up the stairs, Addie would hear nothing of it.
Check out the balancing skills as she made sure her baby made it safely to the platform.

If she was going down the slide, so was baby.

The other really awesome part of this play set is that once Addie made it up the stairs and over to the slide, we didn't have to worry about her falling backwards!
We truly were at ease watching her play.
It wasn't long though before she wanted to be near the other children and ventured away from this play set.

It was fantastic - while it lasted.