Sunday, March 10, 2013

That's What I Get...

...For trying to be an optimist.

Addie went from harboring a fever of 103.4 and sipping water to a fever over 104, chills and unable to sit up.

Of course by that time, it was too late in the day to see our Pediatrician, so I was left with the option of after hours care or calling in a family favor with zero shame.

At minute 45 of waiting on option one, I almost caved to option two.
I am not a panicky Mom, but one thing I do not handle well is a high fever in my children.
That will get me to call a doctor immediately, although it's not until 105.1 that I should seek medical attention (or so says someone who follows protocol).


I was proud of myself, I made it through an extremely frustrating set of telephone calls before I finally got Addie an appointment at 9:00 p.m.

The pitiful part of it all was that Addie was laying on my lap during most of the telephone conversations.
After the last conversation, I got up to gather my purse and shoes and left Addie curled in the recliner.
I walked back over to her and told her that we were going to the doctor.
She glanced at me and gave me a little tiny nod and all she said was, "Shoes?".
She wanted to make sure that I got her shoes too.

Our experience upon arriving at after hours - after managing to step around the pool of vomit in the direct path of the sliding doors - 
was calm.

Addie was an amazing little patient.  
She complied with absolutely everything that was asked of her, and never once did she whine, cry or even consider disagreeing.
She was so miserable that I assume it just didn't matter.

With the exception of one moment where I flat out refused a procedure for Addie, we were able to make it through the night just fine.
As it turns out, it was a very good thing that I decided not to wait to have Addie seen because she was in need of an antibiotic to put her on the road to recovery.

We arrived home right around 1:00 a.m., just in time to convince Addie to close her eyes and try to sleep.

I really feel so bad for Addie.
She has been in a lot of pain all weekend.
She ate 1.5 Popsicles on Saturday and not long after, she was throwing up again.

It took every ounce of effort I had to get her to take sips of water throughout the day.
She was hysterical by Saturday night, in so much pain, throwing up and with a fever that I didn't think would ever subside.

It has been awful.

One of the biggest moments of the weekend was when Addie felt well enough to stand up and wash her hands all by herself.
It truly was picture worthy.

Late this afternoon, I couldn't take it anymore and I packed Addie up and we all headed out in search of fresh air and hoping that Addie would see something that she would want to eat.

We stopped and got some shaved ice, Addie ate almost half of hers and we were all keeping our fingers crossed that it would stay down.

Not long after, Addie said she was hungry and asked for, "Chicken. Fruit?".

I found the first drive through that could fulfill that request and an hour later, Addie had managed to eat several bites and keep it down.


Now, I just have to see how the rest of the night goes...