Sunday, March 24, 2013


My family lost a very beloved furry member of our family today.

This little rat was rescued at the lake by my aunt, bottle fed by my aunt and members of her staff each day until she was big enough to move to her new home - at my Mother's house.
My Mother had resisted the thought of getting a new dog after the death of her last dog in 1999 and when this little rat was brought into her home,
it wasn't just my Mother who fell in love with her.
It was the entire family and every friend, family member, home health care provider and service tech who walked through her doors.  

Carli was - the saving grace - that we needed for Mom - to encourage her to get well after her heart surgery, and then again after taking up residency at UAB last August.

The details are rather minimal.
Carli and Mom were at home Friday night when Carli had a seizure.
Carli was immediately taken for medical care.
There was no trace of any toxins or disease.
Despite the medications through a continuous IV, and despite Dr. Fuller taking Carli home with him to watch  throughout the night Saturday night, there was no saving her.

The seizures were continuous and could not be stopped and she - thankfully - passed in her sleep early this morning.

The entire family gathered for graveside services this afternoon, and Carli was laid to rest in a casket (hand built by a friend), and surrounded by her favorite toys.
It brings peace to my heart to know how very much she is loved.


jennohara said...

:( Sorry about losing Carli. I know he was so special to the family. Kristyn's dog passed away years ago because of seizures. I'm glad Carli went in her sleep.