Saturday, May 03, 2008

We officially have a crawler!

Without giving names, there are certain companies that block the videos on just in case you can't view them, here is a visual! :)

The official date was April 30, 2008, but I needed a few days to make sure she was going to keep trying it. Her actions are very slow, yet deliberate and she is trying so hard to really get it! This was Julien's favorite ball when he was a baby. I had put it up eight years ago in hopes that my next child would love it too! It was the magic trick that got Addie to crawl!
It took fifteen-months, but I knew she would get it!
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!


Jenn said...
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*Staci* said...

Way to go Addie!!! GOD is so good!!She is so it!

Apryl said...

Just imagine me standing in front of my computer with my hands in the air screaming Whoooohoooo!!!Great job Addie. I knew she would do it. She just had to do it on her schedule.