Thursday, May 15, 2008

Re-check and a boo-boo

We saw Dr. Dudgeon this afternoon for a re-check on Addie's weight and ears. Her ears are clear - woo hoo - and Chunkus Chunkus is now up to 19 pounds 3 ounces! So, Dr. Dudgeon readily agreed that we could wait until the MRI in July to do additional blood tests. GREAT news! Addie got one shot today and will have to go back in two weeks for another (and then two weeks for another, etc...for a total of four shots over the next eight weeks).
I couldn't wait to go in and see Dr. Dudgeon today and tell him the amazing news about Addie crawling. When I told him, he seemed a bit surprised but thought I was maybe referring to commando crawling. After I reassured him (more than once) that she was actually crawling, he was ecstatic! He told me that I just made his whole year! I know that a lot of medical professionals never thought Addie would crawl, much less speak or sign and I think it was a really nice surprise! Sometimes I wonder if physicians justify actions with a scientific explanation and if they battle with science vs God. I really hope it doesn't become a gray issue for them. He told me that seeing a miracle such as Addie is very humbling to him. I pray that God continues to give Dr. Dudgeon the knowledge to accurately and compassionately care for Addie.