Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh so quiet

Chris and the movers just left with the first load of furniture. They're on the way to storage and then back again to finish up. Julien is at school for the last day of his third grade year. I gave him a big hug this morning and told him that I just couldn't believe how fast he was growing up! Addie will be at school all day today, we have to be out of the house tomorrow, so I just don't have time to take the afternoon off for therapy. As the moving truck left the driveway, it all hit me. This has been our HOME for the last three years. This was Addie's first home and the home in which Julien grew so quickly into a little man. This is a little tougher than I thought it would be. I'm looking forward to our new beginning, but it's hard to leave these memories behind. The first night in this house, we camped out in the master bedroom floor and this is what we will be doing tonight. I'll leave the marshmallows out for the kids (and me too!). Not a bad way to say good-bye. It's too quiet in here...I can't wait for the kids to come home tonight.