Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Play

Addie was the "star turkey" in the Thanksgiving play at school.
Her classmates did such an amazing job and the props for the play were - just awesome.

The turkey hat that just wasn't meant to be.
We couldn't get the hat to stay on her head for anything!
Even right in the middle of the play, she brought it over to me and told me to take it home.
Apparently she was all done with it!

She patiently sat and watched while her friends did their parts of the play.

They were - SO cute!

A rare moment in full costume!

She couldn't resist a wave at the camera.

Star turkey - sitting at the dinner table with everyone else.

Mrs. Heather was so proud of Addie!

Addie was all about the deer!

Addie helped her friends get ready for the classroom Thanksgiving lunch.
She was so happy to be such a big helper and loved all the activities of the day!

Addie did so good and she was so proud of herself.
It was wonderful to be able to see her having fun and being right in the midst of all of her friends.

We truly have so very much to be thankful for!