Monday, November 09, 2015

Being Happy

Addie doesn't have the opportunity to ride in Julien's Jeep very often, but absolutely loves it when she does. 
We look for opportunities, even if it's just going down the street for dinner. 

When Addie found out she was getting to go for a ride, she ran to find a container, filled it with her baby, a pacifier for the baby and all the necessary essentials for the baby,
She then stood by the door waiting for Julien. 

She is a sweet, sweet girl!
Not to very sweet Julien is and how fortunate Addie is to have him. 

We can't even see her over the dash!

Blurry little hand waving at her Daddy!

She was looking at Julien for his approval to exit the vehicle.
Which meant, he had to get out and go around and get her.

She didn't let any of us think for one second that she was riding anywhere but in Julien's Jeep for the trip back home.
Refusing to make eye contact until Julien unlocked the door...

It doesn't take a lot for them both to be happy - and most often, it's the times they are together.