Monday, December 21, 2015

Little River Canyon

The first hint of cold weather, we headed out to enjoy every possible minute we could. 

While everyone else walked down to the falls, we hung out, taking pictures and people watching - one of our favorite pass times!

We had what felt like - a really long wait - for everyone to come back and join us, so this Little Monkey was less than thrilled at having to sit down and have a snack.

She happened upon Julien's mask from Halloween and managed to overcome her fear of it

and put it on long enough for me to take a quick picture!

Everybody was coming back to meet us

and Addie went running to them - screaming with joy!

We had so much fun sightseeing

and took lots and lots of pictures.

Even I managed to snag a picture with this handsome guy.

We most definitely love any chance we get to be outside, especially considering our cool Alabama weather doesn't last nearly long enough!