Monday, December 22, 2014

The Best of Times with Friends

My friend Patti, held the gingerbread house decorating party of all parties! 
We met last night with Dewana and a few other friends for a priceless evening.

Julien was more than happy to come along, not realizing that he would primarily be in charge for the first part of the evening.
Addie loved all the attention she was getting from him!
She adores when he gets to be her "helper".

Addie and I had just finished seeing a local version of The Nutcracker and I think she was tired from our very busy day.

She let Julien do all the work.

I know most of you remember Trenton!
We loved spending time with him and his family - so much fun!

Bergen was the ever gracious hostess and thanked each of her guests for coming to her party - so sweet!

Everything was going very well, until....

Although I don't think it's worth upsetting Addie, I tried to convince her that everything was just fine by taking Julien to see Santa.

She didn't fall for it and was glued to Dewana.

That is Mom multitasking at its finest!

Trenton's Dad had a lot to discuss with Santa..

Patti and Santa - on his way out of the building.

He made one last attempt to see Addie.
He let her pick a few prizes although she was absolutely petrified of him!

After we assured Addie - 112 times - that Santa was gone, she sat with us and continued to decorate her house.

The last pictures of the evening.

My sweet, sweet babies!

The gingerbread house made it home in one piece,

although Addie tried her best to dissect it.

Thank you again Patti for the wonderful evening - it was a night of precious memories!


jennohara said...

Such a sweet party!!!!! I love all the pictures. Can I also say that Trenton and Bergen are getting so BIG?!??
I feel like I know them all.