Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve

Every year, I swear that I am going to have things done early so I can actually have the opportunity to sit down and do nothing for a little while on Christmas Eve.
Once again, it didn't happen.

I was busy right up until the moment that our first guests arrived.
My dear friend Amy and her husband stopped by to see Addie and Julien and brought presents that made them very, very happy!

There is a farm that Addie loves to play with in the sensory room at her school.
Since it is something that she loves to play with, I added it to her wish list this year.

Addie was thrilled to see that Amy and Eric got it for her!

Addie was also in need of a refill on Play-Doh and Amy brought that for her as well.
Both items have been played with numerous times since Christmas Eve.

Julien - just being Julien.

Thank you Amy and Eric for the gifts and for spending time with us!