Sunday, November 23, 2014

Preparing for the Party

Addie was all about helping me get everything ready for Julien's birthday party.
She arranged and rearranged the plates and napkins numerous times and wanted to help with every little detail.

When she saw my brother's car pull up in front of the house, she got so excited and ran to the front door - the whole time she was yelling for "GaGa".
She stood at the door watching everybody walk down the sidewalk and it just tore my heart out when she looked up at me and asked, "GaGa?".
That created a bit of a setback for my emotional well-being for the evening.
I know Addie misses her tremendously and she asks about her every single day - multiple times a day.

Julien told me that the decorations were cute and sweet and I told him that it was a tie between the mismatched theme I created or he could have had a baby zombie theme.
He thanked me for my efforts and we proceeded forward with the party.


Anonymous said...

I know you and your family miss your mom so much, especially this time of year. Addie will heal, and turn to your for memories. I know your heart will never heal, but it will get easier and the positive memories will take priority.

Lisa Owens