Saturday, November 01, 2014

Do what?

I am having some outpatient tests done this coming week, so late Friday afternoon, I got a call from the hospital for my pre-registration.

I got the call in the midst of trying to get Addie and me ready for Halloween, and was only half listening to the lady on the other end of the phone because I could have recited the questions for her.

She went through the standard list of questions, but her very last two questions of the evening, stopped me in my tracks:

Her:  "Have you had a fever within the last 21 days?".
Me:  Seriously, what the...?  "No ma'am.".

Her:  "Have you been exposed to Ebola within the last 21 days?".
Me:  "No ma'am.".

I was seriously waiting for her to then ask if I had had Ebola within the last 21 days, because I was going to reply that I was pretty sure CNN would have already notified her.

It's absolutely not a laughing matter, but it's also the last thing I expected.

Well, I know at least one local hospital has enacted their "Ebola Action Plan".