Tuesday, November 04, 2014


I'm not sure why the camera was being so finicky on color and clarity, but I'm just glad I was able to get a few pictures from the evening.

Costume 2 of 2 - my Little Bunny

Probably the best picture of the night.
Addie was being so silly!

Addie was ready to get the evening started!
We headed out to see Charlie's Mom
then go by our local Publix for a few Halloween activities.

Addie was able to obtain a pink bunny nose and whiskers

and thought they were so funny!

The butterfly lady had Addie rather perplexed.

Then, we were back home to enjoy a night with family, Trick or Treating, passing out candy and dodging the onslaught of straight line winds and temporary power outages.

She really was happy, I realize it's hard to believe it.

Julien had a costume.
The costume that he begged me to buy for him.
It went unworn.
The bright side of it is that I was able to get a couple pictures with his adorable little face.

It appears I may have been hugging her just a little too tight.
Either that, or she was just disgusted with all the picture taking by this point.

Tucker joined us for Halloween!
He still hasn't fully recovered from surgery, but he was such a good dog and went along for Trick or Treating.

- He had surgery a couple weeks before Mom died.  He had a Grade IV acute luxating patella that required extensive surgery.  Poor little guy has been through so much in the last two months.  AND, he misses Mom tremendously.-

Addie had lots of play time throughout the evening and enjoyed having other people reorganize the pantry in her kitchen.
We have guests over - and then Addie puts them to work.

We had a wonderful Halloween - and are so thankful for the night with family!