Monday, December 02, 2013

Losing Baby Tooth Number One

Sunday, November 24 was a very busy day for us.

Julien turned 15 and Addie lost her very first baby tooth.

The loss of the tooth explained a whole lot.
Addie literally slept the weekend away.
She wasn't herself at Julien's party on Friday night and although she had a good night's rest, Addie was so sleepy all day on Saturday.
While eating lunch, she fell asleep at the table, and I cannot remember that happening even when she was a baby.
She was more than happy to go to bed and she slept for three and a half hours before I finally had to make her get up.
After dinner, she went right back to bed.
While I was laying with her, I noticed her two new teeth nestled snugly behind her baby teeth, but her baby teeth were still very firmly in place.
Not even a little bit of wiggle from either one of them.

Other than a low grade fever, there were no other symptoms and she had me very worried.

Sunday, Addie was so sleepy again, but chose to lay around instead of sleeping the entire day.
After I got her out of the shower, I sat her on the bathroom counter to check her teeth again and that's when I noticed that her tooth was laying all the way forward!


Despite my ability to handle blood and gore, pulling teeth is not one of my strong traits.
I immediately started yelling for Julien and I grabbed a towel and grabbed hold of her tooth (to stabilize it until Julien arrived) and the tooth just came right out.

By that time Julien was in the bathroom and Addie looked from Julien to me and then back to Julien and then started clapping!

No tears.
No drama.
From her or me.
It was much less stressful that I had imagined it would be.

I got Addie dressed, took her downstairs and retrieved a baggie.

Addie was thrilled to show off her tooth!

She then proceeded to take her baggie and put it in her backpack.
Which left me beyond puzzled.
Addie then said, "Morris", "Allison", and upon my confirmation that she wanted me to contact her teachers, I did.
"Morris" and "Allison" informed me that if Addie brought her tooth to school, she would get a tooth necklace from Nurse Shannon
and apparently Addie knew this from paying attention to her friends at school.

Smart, smart girl.

After two days of debate over whether or not we would sign the permission slip for the Tooth Fairy to come and visit Addie, we opted out.

Addie has no expectations and doesn't ask
right or wrong,
it's what we did.

Just like with Santa.

She has been terrified of Santa, so instead of torturing her with stories of him creeping into our house at night, we enjoy Christmas,
with way less emphasis on Santa.

and we enjoyed this milestone with very little emphasis on the Tooth Fairy.

Instead of the Tooth Fairy retrieving Addie's tooth and leaving a prize,
Addie got a prize for losing her very first baby tooth and for being such a good girl.

We won't focus on the Easter gift bag.
I've been busy and recycling is good for our planet.

The Little Monkey was so excited to get a present!

She loved the rabbits...

and her new purse...

but it was the new toothbrushes...

that made her so, so happy!

Just like me, it doesn't take much to make Monkus happy 
it's the little things that bring us the greatest joy...

Like wearing a tooth necklace from Nurse Shannon, pettiskirt and football jersey 
and being the proud owner of two new toothbrushes.
She makes me smile.


jennohara said...

Perfect!!! I love the story of her first fallen tooth. So sweet! Oh I love her!!