Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Santa,

It took the collective, patient effort of my loving teachers and caregivers, one professional photographer, two school days and six years and 11 months of my life, but you finally got a picture with me.

Sure you had to sneak in behind me, and it is highly possible that I did not even know you were there until after the photo was taken because I was so happy to be getting my picture taken with ToTo, but those are the minor and unnecessary details.

I have been a very good girl this year and I am not asking for anything, unless you want to bring me a new baby, because the 36 I have already are not enough.

My heart has enough love for plenty more, and not every square inch of Mommy and Daddy's house has been consumed by babies, yet.

Please bring lots of presents for Julien, he's been a good boy this year too.  He even drove me home from school one day and that makes me very happy.

I don't know what you can bring for Daddy, but make it something special, because I love him so much.

Rudy already got his Christmas present and he says, "Thank You!".  However, he isn't sharing with Thomas and Alley, so can you please bring them a toy to play with?

...and a little snow on Christmas morning would be nice too...


p.s., Mommy said to ask you if this would fit in your sleigh.  She said something about our driveway and a big red bow and dreaming...

GX 2013


Lisa Pitts said...

Adorable!!!! And the vehicle is not to shabby either, lol :-)

jennohara said...

I LOVE this!!! The picture is priceless, and the suv...yep. I could use one as well! :)

Jeania said...

Love the picture;-)