Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Dance Party

For the Little Monkey's Christmas Party at dance, we got to go into the studio and watch Addie (instead of through a mirror)!

The room was full of parents and despite the audience, Monkey did an amazing job!
She was a little nervous at first.
Any change to her routine causes a bit of anxiety, 

but it didn't take long before she was all smiles!
She made sure that Julien was watching her the entire time.

When it is time for Monkey to change from her ballet shoes to her tap shoes, she knows exactly what to do.
A teacher has to assist her, but following the routine requires no prompting at all!
She loves every single part of her class.

Ready and waiting.

She cracks me up.
Monkey loves music and just can't help but dance.
Every other little girl is being still and waiting for their turn, but not Addie. 

My Monkey.
The dance moves are not perfect, but she puts her whole heart into it.
I know I have said it a thousand times before, but when I see her dance or run or sometimes even walk, I am in awe of her.
She is simply amazing
and her determination and pride is unfathomable.

December 12, 2013


Granna said...

Make my day, will you??? She did great!

jennohara said...

She did a GREAT job!!! I love the videos. When she was bouncing in the line waiting her turn, it completely melted my heart. That girl just feels the music!! So so sweet Jenn!