Saturday, May 02, 2009

Look people...

it's been a really slow news day.
The following information may be offensive to some readers. It contains way too much information. Read at your own discretion.
Keeping in mind that I have nothing of real interest to talk about, the following is very news worthy to, at the very least, the people residing under the roof in which I pay a mortgage on each month.
I will spare you all my great disdain for eating in Chinese Restaurants. Take out is fine, dine-in...not so much.
We won't even go there.
Chris had a lot going on today and when he asked if we could go out to eat - for Chinese - I resisted the urge to protest and just got in the car.
I'll skip the in-betweens...ugh.
We were on the way home when my Mommy instinct kicked in. I looked back at Monkey and asked if she needed to go potty, "ys", she answered. I told her that we were almost home and that she could use the big girl potty if she could wait.
I told her all of this just because it is what I would have told any of my children. I never expected for her to comprehend it.
When we pulled into the garage, I grabbed Monkey and up two flights of stairs we went.
I put her on the big, big potty and....she went potty.
Poo-poo potty that is.
Then, Chunkus the Monkey, reached over and tried to get the needed tissue.
All of this, the little Monkey comprehended.
So, if there ever was a poo-poo story to tell, this was it.
I don't believe I have ever been so happy to see poo-poo in a potty.
Oh...did I mention that Monkus "asked" me if she could flush the potty when she was done? Yep, that's right folks.
She leaned way over and tried with all of her might to push the lever down. Her little hand just isn't strong enough, so I put my hand on top of hers to show her how we can work on that skill.
Guess what else...she waved bye-bye to the poo-poo.
Did you ever imagine that my child, you know, the one who would never "function as a normal child", waved bye-bye to poo-poo in a big potty because she comprehended what she had just accomplished?
Well, did you?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did imagine it because this little girl has the power to do it all, just in her own time. Who cares if she is doing things later than others? I think it makes us appreciate the small things and that is why I am greatful to be a reader of the blog.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful milestone! It's clear that Addie is flourishing in the environment you and your family have built for her.

csmith said...

YOU GO MONKEY!!!! I am so PROUD of you!!! What a BIG girl you are!!!! God you are AWESOME!!!!!! Thank You!

Apryl said...

Yeah!!!Poo Poo in the potty. I am sending Kynadee over to spend the weekend with you so Addie can teach her to go poo poo in the potty too. Good Job Sweet Addie Girl!!!

Haley said...

Wow! She is doing great. And she is AHEAD of Trey in this regard!! He does all that stuff-flush,say bye-bye,etc.-except actually do it in the potty. Maybe Addie can give him lessons!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Sounds like Addie is going to have her hands full teaching poo poo in the potty lessons. Once again, good job Sweet Girl.

Ashley said...

great job Addie!!!