Friday, May 08, 2009

No tissues were needed...

Today was an extremely emotional day for my family.

I started the day by having breakfast with Addie at daycare at 6:30. She felt like such a big girl because she got to sit in a big seat all by herself. It was an adult sized chair with arms and I was sitting right next to her, but none of that factored into her excitement. I hated leaving Addie that early, but she already had three other friends who were there from her class, so I knew she would have a good time.

I was at work for a while before I made the tragic decision to walk downstairs for some water. I ran into no less than ten people who stopped me to make a comment about the event that was taking place today. Of course I am not allowed to talk about this event because it wasn't anything that directly involved Chris, Julien, Addie or me. I could have kicked myself, surely dehydration would have been the smarter decision. I smiled and talked to each person and successfully held back the tears.

On my way back upstairs, a lady stopped me. She told me that she reads the blog and asked me if I had heard of a particular song - which I had not. She told me that as soon as she heard it, she thought of Addie and she proceeded to tell me what the song was about.
I still managed to hold back the tears, but this time it was even harder.

I have been doing some research for an item that I'm buying for Addie. This morning, I finally had to pick up the phone and call a local store. Holding back the tears after I hung up the phone was even harder than it had been earlier.

I had a Dr's appointment this afternoon that put me picking Addie up later than I had hoped. We had just enough time to meet Chris and Julien and get to Julien's soccer game before the game started. Since I was unable to go home before the game, I didn't have my camera to document my baby boy scoring two goals.
His team won 8-0.

After the game, came dinner and after the ride home, we finally managed to pull into the garage at 9:00.

It was a very long, emotional day. I'm proud of myself because I can manage to keep myself composed - most of the time.

Remember that song that I was asked about? If you have a moment, click on the link below and play the video: