Sunday, July 26, 2015

Safety Patrol

This boat outing was not as smooth sailing as previous times.
We had to wait out a pretty bad storm, and while doing so, there was a dog from the boat next to us that kept trying to make her way over to our boat.
Addie became a little anxious with the events taking place and it took a while to get everything settled down.

Once we were on our way, Addie snuggled in next to my sister-in-law and began the task of watching her Uncle Howard on the float.  
Addie made sure that her Uncle Howard was safe and "good to go".

Praise for a job well done!

Addie always gets sleepy on the boat and ends up needing to lay down and rest.

Since there were so few boats out, the men folk took the opportunity to swim for a while.

Having her Uncle Howard and her Daddy off the boat was enough to get Addie up.
She had to watch and make sure everyone was alright.

Addie made sure that nobody got out of her sight for the remainder of the day.
No rest time was worth the worry!