Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pre-Op Visit

We have been incredibly fortunate and have stayed away from an O.R. for a record breaking - 

However, the time has come.
This Little Monkey will be going back soon for set #7 of tubes, as well as another outpatient surgery.

This time, with a different ENT.

Addie did great at her visit today.
She tried to stay calm and nonchalant, although she made sure to keep one eye on the waiting room door.

Not a soul passed through those doors without her gaze being cast upon their every move.

She would glance away, only to hear the door open again.

Once we made it to the room, she was content to alternate between writing in her notebook and watching television.

Addie was perfectly still for ear exam 1 of 2, but refused to put away her notebook.

She's a master multitasker!

After her drama free appointment, Addie just wasn't ready to leave (how is that even possible?!?!?!?)
and she made her way across the hall and had a seat in another waiting room.
According to her, she just wanted to see the frog

and apparently wanted to see the frog without me documenting it.


Cindy said...

Love that last line!! :) (I was starting to think, 'How do these moms take so many pics of their kids during outings?? Most of the time, Beth wouldn't stand for it!') Then, your final photo. Ah, THERE it is!! :)

I'm glad the appointment went well.

jennohara said...

I agree with Cindy. That last line was perfect. Glad her appointment went so well. :)