Thursday, July 16, 2015

Serious About Her Work

Today was another fun field trip day for Addie - and another trip on the bus!

After we arrived home, Addie had the job of melting all the ice from the cooler by rinsing it down the drain.
Super fun for kids - and adults - 
and a great coordination activity - make the ice disappear without soaking the floor and counters. 

Once all the ice was gone, I filled the cooler with dish soap and Addie stood by in anticipation of her next assignment. 

Since there wasn't anything to do but let the cooler soak, I assigned Addie the job of carrying some bubbles upstairs. 

It was busy work 
 it made her laugh. 

She was super careful. 

She even detoured into the living room looking for Rudy so she could show him. 

She made it all the way upstairs. keeping the bubbles mostly intact.
A job well done!

She deposited the bubbles into the sink and finished her task by rinsing them all down the drain.

Nothing was better than listening to the sound of her sweet little laughs - although I'm not sure if she was laughing at herself or laughing at me.
She must have thought I had lost my mind by assigning such a task!