Monday, July 06, 2015

Independence Day Weekend

Our Independence Day weekend was filled with friends, family and fun - although sometimes I had to search deep to find the joy.

Addie is still loving all the boat rides - just as long as the boat doesn't go in too many circles or zigzags.  
We keep her back to the wind and keep her snuggled next to someone and she is content.

Addie loves to sit in the big chair and watch everyone.
It's a treat when Bailey gets to go with us.

We had a lot of down time and Bailey and Julien took lots of fun pictures.

Very reminiscent of pictures past where Addie took the opportunity to touch Julien's Jeep when he appeared to be distracted.

Oops - no touching!

Julien's Baby - for sure.

We seriously enjoyed our down time.
Rare, rare moments of peace.

My husband was appointed Captain and he took his job very seriously.

Addie really loves to be a helper - and the best little cheerleader - EVER.  
She loves when her Uncle Howard is the one she is supervising - she waves at him and cheers for him virtually the entire time.

With lots of time still left in the summer, we are looking forward to many more relaxing weekends.